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Top Seller RC2277 ½” impact wrench. The BEAST that you love is getting even better!

Top Seller RC2277 ½” impact wrench - The BEAST

We kept everything you like about the RC2277 BEAST ½” impact wrench and made the rest even better!

The renowned RC2277 BEAST power is now delivered to you in a more ergonomic tool. The new RC2277 curved handle with injected TPR grip and its new one hand-operation power setting system now offer a much greater comfort of use in every day works for tire changing and general mechanics operations.
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Rodcraft transmission jacks GHN series

Rodcraft GHN Transmission Jack Series

The new Rodcraft GHN series includes 3 transmission jack models, ranging from 300, 600 up to 1000 kg lifting capacity.

Featuring a chromed cylinder in an oil bath for high durability and anti-rust, the Rodcraft GHN series is a high quality range.
The GHN transmission jacks include several safety and ergonomic features such as descent pedal in upright position for avoiding miss-operation, a large foot pedal for lifting without locking position, safety valve against overloading and more. You’ll like the large and low clearance base for high stability and the small foot pedal used for lowering that ensures very convenient hand-free operations.
Each transmission jack is provided with 1.2m length chain, a reversible claw with rubber pad and a magnetic tray for better convenience in applications.
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The RC2077, very handy 1/4’’ composite impact wrench

Rodcraft Pneumatic Tools RC2077

The new Rodcraft RC2077 ¼” composite impact wrench delivers 60 Nm of power in a very comfortable and compact design.

The one hand forward – reverse switch simplifies bolting/unbolting operations and helps increasing users’ productivity. The RC2077 light weight and ergonomic handle with injected TPR grip make this compact pneumatic impact wrench a great tool for general mechanics and body shop applications.
The RC2077K is also available as a kit, bundled together with a 16 pieces ¼” socket set (point, long, hexagonal bits, holder and adaptor)
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The RC7170, high quality extended cutting grinder

Rodcraft Pneumatic Tools RC7170

The new Rodcraft RC7170 is a high quality 4’’ (100 mm) extended cutting grinder.

With a 1 horse power and 14000 rpm motor, the CP7170 is a powerful cutting tool ideal for general mechanics and body shop applications.
Safety and ergonomic features such as the composite grip handle, the spindle lock system for easier wheel changing and the 11 position adjustable swivel guard provides enhanced user comfort and safety.
Operators will also enjoy its 4’’ (100 mm) extended neck enabling easier access to tight spaces.
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