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New workshop crane in Rodcraft range: WK1000

Rodcraft has a new comer in its workshop equipment range, a new high quality crane with 1T capacity to perform any lifting of light vehicle sub-assemblies. With a large working range, removing a motor or a gearbox become easy and safe. Plus, the adaptable arm length gives even more working height, up to 2,2m.

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Rodcraft launches a new range of high torque tools for metal working, cleaning and buffering for general mechanics’ applications

RC7088 tyre bufferOur Rodcraft’s removal range welcomes 3 new tools to perform all applications from cleaning to tyre repair. Based on the same motor, we are launching a low speed die grinder RC7068, an eraser tool RC7038 and a tyre buffer RC7088, designed with our renowned and expected quality and power.

Developed on the same 400W motor platform as our latest die grinders, this concentrate of torque enables, in any condition, a fast and easy work. To bring this power all the way to the accessories, the tools feature a 3 planetary gear box to balance forces and reduce wear. Thanks to those key features, we are able to deliver 5.5 Nm and 2800 RPM, the best conditions for applications using large diameter accessories such as mounted points, eraser pads and tyre buffer wheels.


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What does torque mean?

Did you know that when it comes to impact wrenches, there are no industry standards for testing torque?

In this article, we want to highlight the importance of considering each manufacturer standards, and looking at the same values when comparing different impact wrenches.

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Watch out! The Beast is back, even tougher

Rodcraft is introducing a new incarnation of the Beast, the market reference ½” impact wrench for vehicle service applications. This new Beast is a culmination of all Rodcraft’s expertise in pneumatic tool design.
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New high capacity air hydraulic jacks

Check out our new high capacity air hydraulic jacks ATJ30-2 and ATJ50-3 in action! This video showcases our new jack series. With a high lifting capacity of up to 50 tons, they are easy to transport thanks to their carrying handle on the cylinder and a large rubber wheel in the middle. The long handle bar allows for easy maneuvering and the control panel at the end of the grip makes it possible for the jack to be pushed far under the vehicle. The handle bar locks into 3 positions: 45°, 90° & 180°.

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