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The advantage of a spindle lock system for your tools

rc7028_drawing“Tired of changing complex accessories for your die grinders?”

Easy and quick, the spindle lock system enables you to change accessories for your die grinder easily and without a second key.

  • Lock the system to keep your hands free to change accessories
  • Release the spindle and start running your tool

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High power and innovative new Rodcraft die grinders are now available

High power and innovative new Rodcraft die grinders are now available The new Rodcraft die grinders are extremely powerful (400W) and work perfectly with all accessories even at minimum speed thanks to their high torque. The range is available in straight, extended and angle versions to match your needs. Rodcraft have improved the grip with a rubber housing for safe and sure handling during your work. This new generation of tools are now combined with a spindle lock on every model. Only one key is needed to change the accessories safely and easily.

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Rodcraft enhances its workshop equipment range with new air hydraulic jacks

Durable and high capacity new air hydraulic jacks are now available.atj-30-50

The new air hydraulic jacks ATJ30-2 and ATJ50-3 fast and high lifting capacity of up 50 tonnes and 472 mm high for 50T version. They are easy to transport and manipulate thanks to their long handle and large wheels to push far under the vehicle. An automatic pressure sensor control the downing speed for a safe and easy work. Their low profile (150 mm for 30T) allow work on all trucks, even most recent.

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