soporte de gato 12 tons - USB12G

Robust – Rugged: welded, sturdy steel tube (not folded steel)
Good standing stability: each foot is equipped with a broad plate
High quality: made in Germany
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Massive steel stem with ergonomic steel tube stem for easier
Large range: full choice of various heights, capacities, partly equipped finely adjustable threaded stems - the whole automotive section and partly also the truck and bus equipment
USBN5.0 finely adjustable with rubber protector on top UBN5-GT especially suited for vans and busses with sheet metal bodies and low clearance
Sold by pairs
Más Información
Golpe 170 mm
Min. Altura 345 mm
Capacidad 12 Toneladas (s)
Modelo USB12G
Posiciones en altura Direct
Peso neto 10.6
Max. Altura 515 mm


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