Easy to move with oil and acid resistant plastic wheels
Strong 8" 10 t hydraulic ram
Pull arm can be tilted sideways 45°
Precise control of pump serves smaller or even delicate straightening applications
PHP10 is an ideal supplement for this tool that will save time and reduce the manual effort
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1x manual pump with high pressure hose (length 1.50 m)
2x chains, length of 1.50 m (model RGS100K-8951011083) with hook (model RGS100H-8951011082)
2x jack stands, adjustable in height (model RGS100UB - 8951011080)
2x body clamps, long type - hole diameter 75 mm (model RGS100UK - 8951011084)
1x supporting pipe length 1,80 m, diameter 74 mm (model RGS100QU - 8951011081)
2x universal pull clamps with ring (895031593)
1x counter support, complete (shark‘s fin)
Más Información
Golpe 100 mm
Capacidad 10000 kg
Dimensión A 2900 mm
Dimensión B 1600 mm
Dimensión C 600 - 700 mm
Dimensión D 0 - 1900 mm
Dimensión E 720 mm
Peso neto 230
Modelo RGS100


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