High performance, coarse and aggressive two-hand sander
Innovative and ergonomic exhaust system always blows away from the user
Equipped with an ergonomically protected handle area suited for coarse sanding applications where two hand use is preferred for continuous sanding
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Two hand - composite
Two hand random orbital sander - composite lightweight
Large, coarse stroke
150 mm (6" ) velcro pad
Pad with 15 holes takes 6 hole, 6+1 hole and 8+1 hole abrasives
Equipped for external dust extraction (29 mm and 27 mm swivelling suction ports - interchangeable)
Insulated handle against vibration and cold
Adjustable speed
Exhaust direction can be easily changed
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Consommation d'air moyenne 7.5 l/s
Pression sonore 84 Décibels(A)
Diamètre intérieur 8 mm
Entrée d'air 1/4 "
Consommation d'air réelle 550 l/mn
Consommation d'air moyenne 450 l/mn
Modèle RC7810V6-2H
Puissance sonore 94 Décibels(A)
Consommation d'air réelle 9.2 l/s
Poids 1.07
Longueur mm 3321
Vit. à vide tr/min 995
Vibrations K (ISO-28927-3) 1.64 m/s²
Vibrations α (ISO-28927-3) 5.53 m/s²
Nombre de trous du plateau 6
Diamètre de l'excentration 10 mm
Taille du papier de ponçage 150 mm
Diamètre du plateau 150 mm - 5/16" mm
Arbre fileté 5/16''-24UNF IG


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