Booster 12V 500F - RC500

Can start any vehicle with 12V battery (1 600A)
Automatic charge on running engine
High durability with batteryless technology
Protection of polarity inversion and short-circuit
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Grande puissance de démarrage
500 Farad ultracapacitor
Buzzer to prevent polarity inversion and fuse to protect booster and car
30 seconds on running engine
6 hour with DC adaptor included
Large copper clamps and 50 mm² / 0.48 in² cables
Lightweight and comfortable large handle
Battery less with 1 Million cycles life time : 5 years warranty
Easy reading capacitor charge information with LED light
Cable reel plus clamp holder for better storage - 63 in. / 110 cm length cable for better access
All type of engines powered by 12V
Plus d'infos
Modèle RC500
Longueur mm 370
EAN 4028203832460
Courant de démarrage (A) 1800 A
Poids 21.4
Poids 9.7
Longueur 14.6 "
Section du cable 50 mm²
Capacité 500 Farad
Longueur du cable 1.1 m
Courant de court-circuit 9000 Un pic


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