Bottle jack 50 tons - MGN50L

Low Profile: better accessibility
Maximum capacity and durability: double guidance
100% seal, robust and easy to disassembly: automatic welded construction
High standing and stability: large base plate
Vertically and horizontally applicable: as long as the pump points upwards
Very Fast and easy adaptable in the height: threaded extension within piston
Safety: safety valve against overloading
Extra durability: chromed plated steel piston made of one piece
Practically to stowage: handle on pump consists of two parts to assemble/disassemble
Clever: handle supplied with a small hook to get from under the vehicle
Large Range for many applications: from 2 t to 30 tons
Tested according to DIN 76024
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Compact, powerful and low profile bottle jacks
More Information
Weight 35.800000
Dimension D 482 mm
Dimension E 220 mm
Dimension B 182 mm
Capacity 50 ton(s)
Dimension A 300 mm
Dimension F 175 mm
Dimension G 65 mm
Dimension A+B 480 mm
Model MGN50L
SKU 8951000130


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