Orbital sander - RC7500

Practical tool for profiling (like a body file) for non-perforated 400 x 70 mm standard abrasives
Good for even and profiled surfaces (1 dimension)
Levelling of larger quantities of filler
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Large linear stroke
Tool makes forward-reverse movements for profiling and sanding of surfaces with lots of filler (e.g. repairs of dented car doors)
Equipped with a non-perforated long sanding pad and clamps for normal abrasives
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Weight 2.934000
Actual air consumption 250 l/mn
Model RC7500
Average air consumption 200 l/mn
SKU 8951072101
Air inlet thread size 1/4 "
Length mm 1341
Free speed rpm 1058
Min. hose size 8 mm
Paper size 65 x 390 C mm
Actual air consumption 4.2 l/s
Average air consumption 3.3 l/s
Sound Power 91.1 db(A)
Sound pressure 80.1 db(A)
Orbit diameter linear 25 mm


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