Transmission jack - GH31

Universal and mobile transmission jack with hydraulic foot pump
Extra low, large safety chassis
According to EN 292
Availability: Out of stock
Fully Operated by Foot
Lifting by foot pump without locking at positions, hands-free
Foot pedal also for descent, handsfree (dead man auto-stop valve)
Includes the transmission claw
When inversing the claw, a saddle plate (model GHT) can be inserted as "mechanic‘s third arm“ in order to push up or hold the exhaust system for example
This plate with rubber cover is available as an extra accessory
More Information
Dimension B 550 mm
Dimension A 550 mm
SKU 8951086031
Dimension D 1230 mm
Dimension E 2070 mm
Net weight 25
Capacity 300 kg
Model GH31


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