Wheel dollies - RHW 702

Application: quick and easy disassembly and assembly of truck wheels and wheel sets, with or without brake drum
Easy loading and transport to or from the lathe, tyre mounting machine or axle
2 swivel front wheels and 2 fixed rear wheels facilitate moving and precise positioning of the lift in order to avoid damage to axle bolts (no more tapping for repair of bolts needed)
Saves time and contributes to safety and worker‘s health (spine)
Practical foot pedal for lowering the lifted wheels (dead man auto-stop valve)
Sturdy chassis made of square steel bars with max. capacity 700 kg
Retaining arms can be adjusted sideways for small wheels as well as wheel sets
Each loaded wheel rests stable and can still be turned individually when loaded because of 2 broad chromed rollers on each retaining arm
Oil and acid resistant heavy duty wheels with large diameter
Partly foldable and legs can be taken off for storage an easier transport in service cars
The asymmetrically installed hydraulic unit on one side offers enough space to get access to the wheel hub and bolts even for 1“ impact wrenches etc.
Hydraulic construction for less maintenance in contrast to chain/roller construction
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Easy-to-use double hydraulic wheel dolly
More Information
Weight 135
Max. fork width 1400 mm
Wheel type Nylon
Capacity 700 kg
Min. height 105 mm
Max.height 630 mm
SKU 8951089046
Model RHW 702


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