Monthly Archives: January 2017

  1. RC2235: ultra-low profile and high power angle head 1/2" impact wrench

    Rodcraft RC2235

    The new angle head impact wrench from Rodcraft brings a 300 Nm power to every small space in your engine. With this tool, you no longer need to disassemble everything around the area for just one bolt (only 50 mm thick body).

    The head and bevel gears have been reinforced to last and support quick work. High speed and easy to handle, this tool will become your favorite tool and belongs to the must-have tool box. 

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  2. How to choose the right hydraulic jack

    When choosing an air hydraulic jack, you need to answer 3 questions:

    1. What do you need to lift?
    2. What is the free space available?
    3. What is the maximum lifting height you would need?
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