>Rodcraft new WK1000 crane

Rodcraft has a new comer in its workshop equipment range, a new high quality crane with 1T capacity to perform any lifting of light vehicle sub-assemblies. With a large working range, removing a motor or a gearbox become easy and safe. Plus, the adaptable arm length gives even more working height, up to 2,2m.


Rodcraft new WK1000 crane integrates a double pump system to avoid inefficient pumping movements. The effort of the mechanic, while lifting and downing the handle, is fully transferred to the lifting pump. The crane uses 2 pumps for perfect efficiency which means a job done twice faster than older systems. This complete structure is assembled on a pivot for a 200° rotation, to be adapted to the worker’s position.

The WK1000 can be easily placed in the working area with its low profile feet, only 90mm high off the ground. These feet can be folded to minimize storage space.

This 1 ton crane is fast, easy to use and uses quality parts from our Rodcraft expertise.

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