When it comes to sanding, a perfect work comes not only from the tool and the abrasive you are using, but also from how clean the working surface is kept. An adapted dust extraction unit, such as the new RC7915 from Rodcraft can make a big difference for an easy and safe work.


With its features to make it compatible with most of the sanders existing on the market, the new Rodcraft dust extraction unit is a perfect mobile station for all body shop works. Its auto-start is compatible with two types of sanders, electric or pneumatic, including a 4.5-meter-long hose. The vibration bowl added to the 3 filters ensures a high level of filtration compliant with the European standard H14 (directive EN2006/42/CE), delivering the right safety level for work on dangerous materials.


The RC7915 is a complete and moveable workstation bringing all the needed tools and accessories to your workplace allowing you not to worry about quality nor safety. The tool is provided with one table plate and storage bin for easy transportation as well as one separate disposal trolley that can be used with or without a bag. Rodcraft also proposes a vacuum/air combined hose, Y-plugs and dry cleaning kit to dust your worries away.