Rodcraft’s new ratchet wrenches

Rodcraft is introducing a new range of pneumatic ratchet wrenches that delivers high speed and high torque for all general vehicle service applications. There are four models in the range, providing high durability combined with comfort and ease of use, so mechanics can get their jobs done quickly and efficiently.

The new range replaces the existing nine wrenches in Rodcraft’s portfolio meaning so our customers can take advantage of the very latest technologies and the associated benefits of high speed and power. Selection and specification are also easier than before.


“The new range has been developed with a focus on customers’ needs and expectations of high quality and power,” said Sven Bayer, Product Marketing Manager at Rodcraft.
“By consolidating our existing range into four new tools we have made it much simpler for customers to specify the right tool to get their jobs done efficiently, ultimately boosting their productivity”.

Sven Bayer, Product Marketing Manager


A high-speed motor delivers 190 to 280 rpm, for the RC3068 and RC3268 models the anvil speed is 280 rpm, while for the RC3278 and RC3678 variants it is 190 rpm. The four blade high-speed motors are combined with high quality bevel gears which enable fast action. Furthermore, the ratchets are powerful, delivering 50 Nm of torque for RC3068 and RC3268 and 100 Nm for RC3278 and RC3678 tools.

The ratchets provide high durability and torque transmission thanks to sturdy and well-designed internal components. The tools are tough, providing excellent operation in a rigorous garage environment, and they are built to last with an extremely robust anvil and ball retainer. They feature a reliable gearbox with 3 planetary gears, and a closed head for higher manual torque.


These new tools have a composite housing and have also been designed with our Rodcraft’s ‘Beast’ handle which ensures perfect handling and comfort. The rubber handle protects users from holding a cold tool and it also allows a good grip for oily hands. They are ergonomic, fitting securely in the operator’s hand, and highly maneuverable for access wherever required. The wrench’s ease of use and convenience is provided by four power settings and a 360° adjustable exhaust ring. Safety of the wrench is also improved compared to the existing products thanks to an easy-to-activate safety trigger.

With anvil sizes from ¼” to ½” the new Rodcraft ratchets are ideal for all applications with high rotation speed for fast work and high torque.