The Rodcraft workshop equipment range is getting bigger with two new durable and easy to use air-hydraulic presses for high-capacity 75t and 100t operations.

Robust Rodcraft high capacity 75 and 100 tons air-hydraulic presses: WP75P and WP100P

The new WP75P and WP100P presses are robust with a sturdy steel frame and includes many features to make your job safer, easy and fast. The hydraulic piston is run by a pneumatic pump or manual pump with 2 speeds for easy and fast approach and precise pressure control.

Ergonomic features like 2 steel rods easily dismountable to adjust bench with a dedicated winch, a movable cylinder, a set of 8 punches, and v-blocks with high capacity piston contribute to the comfort of use and versatility that the new Rodcraft air-hydraulic presses will bring into your workshop.