Colonnette 5 tons - USB1.5H

Robust – Rugged: welded, sturdy steel tube (not folded steel)
Good standing stability: each foot is equipped with a broad plate
High quality: made in Germany
Disponibilità: Esaurito

Massive steel stem with ergonomic steel tube stem for easier
Large range: full choice of various heights, capacities, partly equipped finely adjustable threaded stems - the whole automotive section and partly also the truck and bus equipment
USBN5.0 finely adjustable with rubber protector on top UBN5-GT especially suited for vans and busses with sheet metal bodies and low clearance
Sold by pairs
Maggiori informazioni
Modello USB1.5H
Capacità 1 1/2 ton(s) Tonellata
Corsa 270 mm
Posizione in altessa 5
Altezza min. 430 mm
Altezza max. del morsetto 700 mm
Peso 3.6
Categoria Jack stands


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