Ergonomic Design with lightweight Composite Housing (only 14 kg net)
Easy oil removal through dipstic opening with nozzles or with adapter socket
Works indepen dantly without permanent connection to air supply
Compact and handy construction easy to move because of wheels
Easy emptying of the tank using compressed air (max. 1.4 bar)
Disponibilità: Esaurito

Mobile oil suction tool with 2 wheels
Included flexible nozzles 5, 6 and 8 mm and straight rigid nozzles 6 and 8 mm (800 mm length)
Direct oil removal with 3 suction adapters (included in delivery) for Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Volkswagen-VW
Ø 16.0 mm adapter Mercedes
Ø 5.4 mm adapter VW Golf
Ø 12.3 mm adapter BMW
Tank equipped with oil level indicator
Notes: Oil should be warm for removal
Due to fast changing car series please always check feasibility of oil removal through dipstick tube with/without adapters prior to operation
Maggiori informazioni
Portata con ugello da ø 6 mm 1.3 l/min
Portata con ugello da ø 5 mm 0.9 l/min
Pressione di svuotamento 5 - 6 bar
dimensione max. 375 x 375 x 900 mm
Capacità tanica olio (fino al livello dell'indicatore) 19 l
Capacità olio 24 l
Dimensione attacco aria 1/4 in.
Vuoto massimo 0.6 - 0.7 Bar
Categoria Oil suction unit
Peso 111.3323
Portata con ugello da ø 8 mm 3.4 l/min
Modello AK03


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