80 liter Tank can easily be emptied using compressed air
Drain pan adjustable in height :
Tank can easily be emptied using compressed air (equipped with safety valve)
Very ergonomic and good to manoeuvre due to 2 wheels on axle and 2 swivel wheels with large diameter
Large drain mesh in the pan, easy to reach with the hands
Disponibilità: Esaurito

Each drain pan is equipped with its own valve, so the tank can be emptied meanwhile an oil service or while the pan is still containing / collecting oil.
This means oil services can be done in a fast frequence capacity of the tank can be superceeded by using the pan additionally.
Tank equipped with oil level indicator
NOTE: Oil should be warm for removal !
Maggiori informazioni
Pressione di svuotamento 1/2 bar
dimensione max. 470 x 595 x 1620 mm
Capacità tanica olio (fino al livello dell'indicatore) 70 l
Capacità olio 80 l
Categoria Oil suction unit
Peso 86
Capacità vassoio 25 l
Dimensioni vassoio W 460 mm
Peso 23
Modello TK05


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