Hoekslijpmachine - RC7121

Efficient and durable tool
Ergonomic and easy to control
Typical tool when user changes to air tools from electrical tools due to M14x2 spindle that allows use of standard accessories that are usually used on electrical tools
Low height allows access into confined areas
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178 mm (7") heavy duty angle sander with M14x2 spindle and low head height
Insulated main handle and soft grip side handle
Rear exhaust
Aluminum alloy housing, sturdy but lightweight tool
Quality spiral bevel gearing and grease plug screw for the angle
Meer informatie
Lengte mm 1312
Model RC7121
Netto gewicht 2
vermogen 500 W
Diameter blok 178 mm
Schroefdraad as M14x2 AG
Feitelijk luchtverbruik 11.7 l/s
Vrije snelheid tpm 1039
Geluidvermogen 92 db(A)
Geluidsniveau 81 db(A)
Min. slanggrootte 8 mm
Draadgrootte luchtinlaat 1/4 "
Feitelijk luchtverbruik 700 l/mn
Gemiddeld luchtverbruik 525 l/mn
Gemiddeld luchtverbruik 8.8 l/s




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