FRL 1/2"BSP - MD2LAK-12

Delivers extremely clean and oil-free, dry air at constant pressure for spray guns and other oil-free running air tools
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Water separator with automatic drain
Filter element with 5 micron
High efficiency oil and particle removal filter element with 0,01 micron (oil removal class level 2 – 0,01 mg/m³)
Filter service indicator shows red when filter needs replacement
Air distribution block with 2 outlets and air valves
Metal bowls with bajonet quick release and prismatic full level sight
Windows for high inlet pressure and increased safety
Fast element clamping system allows front access and individual removal of elements
Wall fixation bracket water separator – filter – regulator and gauge + coalescing filter + distribution block + air valves
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Catégorie d'outils Spray painting unit (0,01 micron)
Modèle MD2LAK-12
EAN 15451591182
Débit d'air max. 50 l/s
Pression maximum 17 Bar
Airline oui
Type de filetage BSP
Diamètre du filetage 1/2 "


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