Windscreen removal tool - RC6610

Versatile, powerful and safe two-hand cutter that can be used as a saw, windscreen removal tool, scraper etc.
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Powerful and reaction-free cutting
Large version of model 6605, eg for truck and bus windscreens and other glued autoglass (without silencing exhaust hose system)
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Model RC6610
SKU 8951074000
EAN 4030178600173
Average air consumption 500 l/mn
Length mm 210
Net weight 1.3
Actual air consumption 800 l/mn
Blade interface 22 mm
Chuck / wheel size 2 x hex s = 19 e = 21.9 mm
Tool category Windscreen removers
Strokes per minute 20000
Vibration α (ISO-28927-8) 5.38 m/s²
Vibration (ISO-8662-12) 3.6 m/s²
Sound DBA pressure 97.9 db(A)
Sound pressure 86.9 db(A)
Min. hose size 8 mm
Air inlet thread size 1/4 "
Vibration K (ISO-28927-8) 1.02 m/s²


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