Riveter - RC6718XI

High quality riveter for standard rivet sizes 2,4 - 6,4 (rivet made of steel or softer material) for BOLT rivet sizes 6,4 (rivet made of steel or softer material)
Not available
Powerful with many features
High quality riveter with rivet pin removal by suction (can be switched off)
Transparent container
Two-finger trigger for easier operation and ON/OFF-switch
Cold insulated handle
Hanger for use with balancers
Useable for copper, aluminium & steel
Not suited for stainless steel
More Information
Nozzle 2.5 / 3.2 / 4.1 / 4.2 mm „BOLT“ mm
SKU 8951074008
Model RC6718XI
Max axial pulling load 1520 kg
Sound DBA pressure 87.2 db(A)
Stroke 26 mm
Sound pressure 76.2 db(A)
Min. hose size 8 mm
Air inlet thread size 1/4 "
Actual air consumption 4.3 l/mn
EAN 4030178670060
Force 15200 N
Blind rivet 4.0 - 6.4 mm mm
Tool category Riveters
Net weight 1.9
Length mm 310
Vibration (ISO-8662-12) <2,5 m/s²
Vibration α (ISO-28927-8) 2.2 m/s²
Vibration K (ISO-28927-8) 0.7 m/s²
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