Pistola de golpes - RC8240S

European guns made of durable high quality material
23,50 €
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Good for soft starting due to an easy to regulate valve
Tough composite housing insulates against cold from air
With soft TPR-rubber area on the lever and ergonomic handle-lever distance for reduced stress to the user
Very sturdy air inlet with threaded brass insert
Practical large hanger for fast storage and immediate availability
Más Información
Dimensión B 134 mm
Boquilla Safety nozzle mm
Min. Tamaño de la manguera 8 mm
Tamaño de la rosca de entrada de aire 1/4 "
Consumo de aire real 329 l/mn
Consumo promedio de aire 220 l/mn
Dimensión A 200 mm
categoría de herramientas Pisolas de golpe compuestas
EAN 4030178802164
Peso neto 0.12
Nivel de ruido 75.1 db(A)
Modelo RC8240S


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