With its low weight of only 1.1 kilograms, the RC2203 impact wrench is one of the lightest in its class, making it comfortable and ergonomic to use over a long period of time without suffering fatigue. The compact impact wrench has a housing made of composite material, which is additionally protected from external damage by rubber inserts. For perfect ergonomics, the large handle is designed in a way that the impact wrench lies perfectly balanced in the hand. The housing and the operating elements are optimally designed for single-handed operation. The ergonomically arranged knobs for clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation are positioned on the back of the housing. The setting of the different torque levels is also positioned recessed on the back of the tool so that, for example, no unintentional adjustment is possible when the impact wrench is put down.


With its 1254 Nm max. loosening torque, the Rodcraft RC2203 grips strongly and is therefore suitable for jobs in workshops as well as mechanical production sites. The impact wrench with its durable and low-vibration twin hammer impact mechanism generates its power in a very short time and thus works very efficiently. Three torque settings are available for tightening bolts and nuts. This allows the user to ideally approach the required torque and finally tighten it correctly with a calibrated torque wrench.


RC2203 1/2" compact impact wrench - The ideal tool for work in confined spaces

Compact: 90mm.


Resistant : Rubber inlets to protect from scratches.


Durable, low vibration, powerful : Twin hammer impact mechanism


Powerful : 1254 N.m max. loosening torque 650 N.m max. torque (in REV within 10 sec)


Lightweight : Composite housing, 1.1 kg


Ergonomic : Large handle with perfect grip and well-balanced weight


Easy to use : Push-push forward / reverse buttons and large power selector (3 in FWD, 1 REV)