Bilanciatore RC9366

The stroke can be limited in retraction for optimum postion to grab the load - simple adjustable clamp
Fast and easy exchange of the spring package due to modular design
Precisely adjustable balancing force (spring tension) for minimum pull resistance (grabbing) and easy setting of the balancing point
With additional safety suspension
Disponibilità: Esaurito

Stainless steel cable
Cable runs in low friction material
Aluminum casted body (closed two piece construction)
Upper suspension with safety hook running on ball bearing
Tapered drum with ball bearing for even pull force for balancing effect over full stroke after grabbing the load
Equipped with a safety lock system against drop in case of a spring breakage (for capacities over 3 kg minimum load)
Maggiori informazioni
Corsa 2000 mm
Modello RC9366
Categoria Bilanciatori
Gamma di carico - 35.0 – 45.0 Kg
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