Rodcraft boosts your engine

The new Rodcraft batteryless booster RC600 can start any type of vehicles, from motorcycles to mining vehicles. Using the ultracapacitor technology, the RC600 gives boosters a new dimension in terms of power, weight and durability.

This new batteryless booster is able to deliver twice the power compared with a normal booster to start any engine, in 12 or 24V. The ultracapacitor technology also allows a significant weight reduction, down to 18,4kg.


The Rodcraft RC600 has a much higher durability and reliability than regular boosters. Unlike battery boosters, the batteryless booster can be stored a long time, even empty and without charge. It can handle 1 million cycles and Rodcraft guarantees this product for 5 years.

The RC600 can be charged in less than 30 seconds on a 12v or 24V running engine. A full fleet of vehicles can be started, one after the other, without having to plug back in the booster. It can also be re-charged with a car to provide energy for a truck.

Our knowledge of the vehicle service market and our desire to offer efficient and robust tools to professionals, led to the development of a foolproof 12/24V booster. Starting a light, medium or heavy vehicle will never be a problem again.